CellarHand Pocket

CellarHand Pocket saves time, saves money, save wine!

CellarHand Pocket is an app for the iPhone and Android the provides a collection essential calculators for cellar hands, winemakers and vineyard workers to help them quickly and accurately make day to day calculations. Trusted by some of the largest and most respected wine makers around the world, CellarHand Pocket ensures consistent and reliable calculations to be made every time. Avoid expensive mistakes and invest in CellarHand Pocket today.

Going on a vintage or harvest placement this year?

For the price of a of a small beer, CellarHand Pocket will give you absolute confidence that this harvest all your winery calculations are consistent and accurate. The calculations it provides allow accurate conversion between metric and imperial values making the app valid in whatever part of the world you decide to work this harvest. Once purchased the app is yours reliable companion for every vintage you take your phone or tablet to.

Make the boss happy and show them you can be trusted with additions usually limited to the oenologist or assistant winemaker. CellarHand Pocket will help you prove your own abilities and demonstrate you can be trusted with essential calculations. Under the pressure of harvest, mistakes in formulas and calculations are all too easy and can ruin your chances of a great reference for your next resume. Don’t risk it, and let CellarHand Pocket help you get it right first time.

Small wineries love CellarHand Pocket

The reason why smaller wineries lock CellarHand Pocket is due to the fact most can not afford to hire a dedicated and trained oenologist each harvest. CellarHand Pocket simplifies the complex calculations needed so even a relatively novice cellar hand can reliably and consistently take on some of the additional tasks normally limited to the winemaker.

Are you a winemaker or vineyard manager?

Why not reduce the risk with each years cellarhands by providing them with a copy of CellarHand pocket. If every member of your team has a copy of the software installed on their phone you can;

  • Ensure all calculations use the same formula, every time.
  • Reduce the risk of rounding errors, one of the most common problems in the winery.
  • Limit the risk of members of your team using the wrong calculation. Tell them which one to use and your done!
  • No scraps of paper to get lost, confused, or shared incorrectly with other members of the team.
  • The price of CellarHand Pocket is only pennies. How much is an over-sulphured tank going to cost you in both time and money?

Have you considered?

Putting a tablet at strategic points in the winery or laboratory? With CellarHand Enterprise on a tough or waterproof tablet your team can access the app whenever they need it. Not available with CellarHand Pocket. For multi user installs please contact us for licensing.

And there is more.

As the user base of CellarHand pocket increases, we are investing more time in growing an expansive list of calculations and functions needed in the vineyard and winery. As we learn more about our users needs, you benefit from an every growing list of available functions and calculations. What have you got to lose?